Criteria for Inspirational Duo’s class 21

One class for both In Hand & Ridden & Lead Reins of Any Age, shown together but judged separately.

The judge will ask you in your individual, about you and your horse/pony and also may ask you to explain your disability.

You will be judged on your ability to complete your individual show, In Hand/Ridden, taking into account your disability and also the bond between you and your horse/pony, as this is as important, for anyone who shows a horse/pony.

General rule for all Restricted In Hand & Ridden Classes:

Handler, Rider &/or Horse/Pony not to have qualified for, or Competed or at R.I.H.S, HOYS & Olympia.

All Ridden Horses/Ponies must be 4 years old and over. The age of the horse/pony shall be calculated from 1st January in the year of its birth.

Exhibitors are required by DEFRA to carry with them Passports for all horses/ponies when travelling or competing.

No horse/pony should be left unattended while tethered to a horsebox or trailer.

Colts 2 years & over must be bitted.

Stallions & Colt handlers & Riders must wear a Orange armband, Riders & Handlers must be 16 years of age and over.

Mares with a living foal born during the current season may not be shown in ridden classes.

No horse/pony or rider may leave the ring without permission from the judge or steward.

A fall of horse/pony or rider while mounted in any class will result in disqualification and must leave the ring dismounted.

If a horse or pony gets loose from its handler while in the ring it will result in disqualification.

Horses/ponies showing continued disobedience may, at the discretion of the judge, be disqualified.

Correctly secured British Standard hats that meet current safety standards must be worn by riders/handlers 18 years or under. Anyone over 18 years old wishing to wear top hats or Beaglers must produce a disclaimer and present it to the secretary when making entries, the organisers do not except any liability for riders/handlers who submit a disclaimer and strongly recommend they wear a British Standard hat that meet current safety standards.

No earrings, piercings or visible jewellery should be worn.

Mobile telephones or similar communication devices are NOT to be used in the ring.

Spurs of any sort are not allowed in the pony classes.

In Lead Rein and First Ridden classes the reins must be of normal length. Reins must not be attached to the saddle. In lead rein classes handles are permitted on saddles.

All Lead Rein and First Ridden ponies must be shown in a suitable snaffle bridle. Wilkies are allowed.

In all cases the Judge’s decision is final.

No person, including exhibitors, handlers or grooms may enter the ring at any time without the Judge’s permission. When permission is granted to enter the ring a person must be suitably attired and wear a hat.

No entry to the ring when the judge has asked the class to trot.

A class is deemed to be over when the judge has given permission for the class to leave the ring.

In all novice classes a snaffle bridle must be worn, Wilkie snaffles are permitted.

No refunds will be given if you are unable to attend the show and have pre-entered or have missed classes due to lateness for whatever reason. Where we are to blame or for any genuine reason we may issue a credit note at the secretary’s discretion


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